Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today we had a huge leak in our pipes. Hubbs and I woke up to water in our kitchen floor and upon looking to see where it came from we found more water in the floor of our laundry room. After looking and looking we finally pulled a piece of wall off behind our washing machine and found that some of our water pipes were leaking water and scalding hot steam, g-r-e-a-t. Then, after we thought about it for a while, we realized that those pipes were in the wall between our laundry room and guest bathroom so we looked and also had a huge puddle in there. So the water leaked all inside that wall, and also leaked under the opposite wall from our laundry room to our kitchen.

So now we have all the water in our house cut off and have the water cleaned up, but have to get that mess fixed and hopefully our walls don't mold... Yeah, I'm super happy about this. Super awesome happy happy fun times. Hopefully we can get it fixed tonight so that I will have water to shower before work tomorrow but since it is getting dark that is not looking promising. Oh the joys of having things break in our house. Oh well.

In other news... well, I have no other news today because my life is pretty boring, ha! I think I need a new hobby or a puppy or something (though I don't think my cat would appreciate a puppy so maybe a hamster). Also, I'm am really wanting to get a new makeup pallet from Coastal Scents. They have a metallic one that looks really cool. Sadly, I'm poor. So once again, oh well, I guess.

Sorry about my boring rant.


Update 1/19: Our water is still not fixed. Terrific. Maybe tomorrow.

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